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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eclipse of the Moon

Eclipse of the Moon this year will occur 2 times, ie on 16 June and on 10 December. Both can be seen from Indonesia. So, let's prepare well observations
June 16 will eclipse will begin at 1:23 pm which is marked by the entry of the Moon to the Earth's penumbral shadow. Changes that occur are reduced brightness of the Moon, but we will not be able to distinguish by naked eye. Then at 2:22 pm the Moon will enter Earth's umbra. This is the best time watching the eclipse, when the full moon began to change form.Slowly the edge of the Moon becomes dark, like the buns are bitten by the edges.
When the light Months look even slightly, will look at the dark reddish color. The climax is when the Moon has entered fully into the umbra, at 3:22 o'clock pm. Top of this eclipse will occur at 4:12 pm. Moon in the umbra shadow for almost 2 hours until around 5:03 pm. At that time the entire moon appear red. The red color comes from the part of sunlight that is still passed on the Earth's atmosphere. And the process would actually eclipse ends at 7:02 pm, when the Moon completely out of the penumbral shadow of Earth.
Viewed from time, only the central and western part of Indonesia that could see the eclipse from beginning to end. While the eastern part of Indonesia can not observe it to finish because the Moon will set in advance. But fortunately most interesting part of this eclipse, when the Moon is in Earth's umbra shadow, can be seen intact from beginning to end from all over Indonesia.
How do I observe this eclipse? With the naked eye can, binoculars, telescopes, cameras, or observation over the internet (streaming) can also be because the plan there will be broadcast on the web site and Kemenkominfo Bosscha Observatory. Some locations that will show the eclipse observation is Bosscha Observatory Months later, Lhoknga Observatory and Planetarium Tenggarong. For an in Semarang, there will be events held on campus observation IAIN Walisongo whole observatories, more info can be seen on the facebook event. Please mark your calendar for this phenomenon is not simply overlooked.

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