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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kijang City (a glimpse of where I live)

This is the information page for Kijang

kijang is a small city in indonesia, the place who one a island with bintan, near from batam and singapore.

other places close to Kijang:
Place Name
Batamclose60 kmindonesia
Singaporeclose78 kmsingapore
Johore Bharuclose102 kmmalaysia
Penubaclose138 kmindonesia
Mersingclose182 kmmalaysia

If you want to visit this City, there are alternatives that can be used, one through the flight path. and I will explain a bit about the airport is available in our city.

The air transport in this region has also gained a huge impetus with the opening of Kijang Airport. The airport has to great extent augmented tourism and travels in the entire region and is well-acclaimed among the airports in Kijang.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recognizes this airport by the code TNJ and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) refers this airport by the airport code WIDN. The airport has a strategic location and connects the major destinations of Indonesia through the air transport. 

The airport authority of Kijang Airport has fully ensured for the safety and security of the passengers and the airlines using this airport as well. With the huge influx of the tourists each year, the airport has enhanced its infrastructure substantially just to cater to the passengers to the fullest extent. The major domestic airlines serve this airport and the airport forms a favorable airbase for the huge number of flights to Kijang. 

Kijang airport location is located at kilometer 11 which is not far reach of the kijang's own district, and very close to the town Tanjung pinang.

Antam monumen

City Park or Tepian


Trikora Beach

This is a glimpse of where I live, maybe later I'll add another article about this city :). Thanks.

images and data from various sources.


  1. wow..baru tahu kalau disalah satu sudut indonesia ada Kijang selain milik Yamaha yang begitu penuh pesona

  2. @mas ratno thanks mas udah singgah.

    @Dea meysha hehe iya ada kok, sesekali silahkan main2 kemari...

  3. beautiful Beaches. I'm addicted for scenarios like this are really impressive and amazing

  4. @Joey Pim thanks joey and I think you should visit it here:)

  5. Beautiful pictures. The sunset is wonderful!
    Thanks for the visit!

  6. Foto di atas saat matahari akan terbenam ? Indahnya alam ciptaan Yang Kuasa.